After the exuberance of Summer, Autumn brings a more reflective mood, along with an invitation to release and renew. Trees shed their leaves, confident in the knowledge that this shedding will bring forth new life in the Spring. We don't always find it as easy as the trees to let go, but it is a necessary part of living life more fully.

In order to let go, we need to be able to trust that we will be supported by life. This is the greatest gift I have ever been given by my yoga practice - a deep unshakeable trust in life and its unfolding. Even when what's happening on the surface is not pleasant, deep down there is an ease and contentment.

Give yourself the gift of contentment as you take some time out in your daily life to nourish yourself - a walk in nature, a long soak in the bath, spend 10 minutes being present only to your breathing as it arises and falls away - so that you can reconnect to the wholeness that already exists within you.

It's easy to forget that you already have everything you need, so do something each day that reminds you that you are enough, perfect exactly as you are

Photo credit: fotografierende/Unsplash

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