Here’s what some of our guests have to say about their retreat experience….

I spent the most relaxing, rejuvenating, fantastic week of yoga and juicing at Michelle’s lovely home. I learnt so much, now allowing me to get the most out of my regular yoga classes. Michelle really spoilt me and made me feel at home, making it such a special time away…. life-changing even! I’ll be back!
— Sian, UK
I didn‘t have an idea what would await me before I arrived: really great host, wonderful place, deep yoga experience and outstanding massages. It is like having a little secret. Thank you so much for this week, Michelle! I still feel it in my heart and body.
— Silke, Germany
I have had the best time on retreat. Michelle is a knowledgeable and patient teacher and I learnt more about yoga in one week than I have done in all the classes I have been to. I did the juice fast and every juice that Michelle prepared was tasty and nourishing so that I never felt hungry. And she is a fantastic therapeutic masseuse. I cannot recommend this retreat highly enough.
— Marianna, South Africa
Thanks for a lovely week, Michelle. Such a beautiful place, amazing morning yoga, massage and evening meditation. A perfect week for relaxing and recharging completely! I’ve learned and explored so much this week, and my practice will be even more meaningful in the future because of you. A perfect vacation.
— Linn, Norway
The yoga classes are slow and thorough. It is dynamic in another sense than I imagined, but go with the flow and you will experience a different kind of growth on your mat. At least I did.

I signed up for a three days juice cleanse, and ended up doing five days. The juices were delicious... and I noticed a change in softness and glow of my skin which I loved.

What more? Oh, the massage and the meditation! Michelle gives awesome massages. And the meditation (not guided) at dusk in the yogaroom was a perfect way to end the summerdays.

This retreat might not be for everyone, you have to be open to dive into a slow week in every way... but if you do I’m sure you will benefit from it and leave with an experience of a lifetime.
— Maren, Norway
This retreat was my first retreat ever, I was feeling totally down, exhausted and devoid of happy and hope in my every day life in New York City and I decided that I would go with an open mind and an open heart to the suburbs of Lisbon to this retreat where I knew no one.

When I got there I knew this place was special. There is never a time where you cant find someone to help you with anything you need. There’s an insane amount of nourishing and whole foods (that are delicious and incredible) and so many choices of tea! Eating meals all together was one of the highlights of my trip, getting to know everyone was another. I was a TOTAL sugar addict before I went to this retreat over New Years, and since I’ve been back I have been 100% added sugar free (and caffeine free too!) I was looking for something to spark a change in me, and this trip was it.

On top of the nutritious food, the fabulous people and the wonderful amenities, Michelle is a GEM, no, A DIAMOND. She is so kind, generous with her time, words and patience. Her zest for life and her deep self-love and appreciation radiated through the room during our hours of yoga in the morning and at night. I have come back to New York City with my very own practice. It has given me so much joy to continue this practice on my own.

Book this trip. I can’t wait until I go to the next retreat that Michelle hosts. It was honestly one of the best trips I’ve ever taken.
— Elle, USA
Thank you for the fantastic week at your place. I have not been that relaxed and calm in a very long time. I will definitely try and come back.
— Tessa, Uk
5 days of stepping into a wonderful, relaxing, friendly world. Amazing massages, amazing juices, amazing yoga... ! I had a wonderful time and would advise everyone to do yourself a favour and go.
— Louise, Switzerland
I recommend anyone comes to this retreat, you will leave feeling healthier and so very refreshed!!! Book it now! You won’t regret it.
— Sarah, UK
I would highly recommend the juice cleanse, I feel amazing! Such beautiful accommodation and surroundings, just perfect for a retreat.... I’ve got a feeling I might be back.
— Becky, UK
I had the most relaxing time. I had a private retreat and it was perfect. Michelle welcomed me to her beautiful house and I felt at home straight away. I went on the juice cleanse for 5 days – I’m now hooked on juices, I thought that I would be hungry but they gave me lots of energy, my skin feels so soft and looks so clear.

The yoga sessions are really good and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I hadn’t done a lot of yoga before… I really felt like I have learnt a lot from Michelle and have been able to practice at home. I thought I was relaxed and then I had the massage! Wow it was amazing!

I would really recommend this retreat,
— Charlotte, UK