Yoga & Meditation

Relax, Reconnect, Revitalise

If you have a body and can breathe, you can practice yoga. It really is for everyone, irrespective of age, capacity, or experience.



The practice of yoga bears many gifts:

Feel good from the inside out
Love the body you have
Feel more balanced and integrated
Let go of stress and tension
Feel lighter in body and mind
Experience mental clarity
Enjoy a calm contented mind

Classes are based upon the Dynamic Yoga Method - a rhythmic, meditative, practice based on sensitivity and guided by softness.

The practice of yoga is a process of self-enquiry. Feeling clearly into what is actually happening in, and as, your body brings you to a space of joyful exploration and gratitude where there is no need to be more, do more, have more. You are already enough - you always have been.

The retreat programme is designed to reveal the wholeness that already exists within, not only in your body but also in the unfolding of life itself so that you can relax into this unfolding with an unshakeable trust and deep contentment.


Somatic Meditation

Somatic meditation is the practice of sitting in silent stillness, feeling as clearly, and deeply, as possible, the sensations that are being generated by your body.

It is an invitation to do nothing, and simply let go into what is actually happening in, and as, your experience.

It’s a simple practice that is both challenging and profoundly rewarding.